You Name It, We Bake It!

You Name It, We Bake It!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Birthday favor again...

Salam to all...

I received last minute order yesterday by Kak Jas for her bestfriend b'day. It's need to be deliver to b'day girl somewhere in Jln. Yap Kwan Seng. Well, i straightly agreed without realized that i'm out of KRIWELLLLL!!!! OMG!!!! Satu KL keliling carik kedai sumernyer tutup!!!! Hwaaaa..... Alhamdulillah... at last jadik juga BUTTERCREAM ni.

Kak Jas never tell me on the cake flavor so i just baked choc moist for her friend with vanilla flavor buttercream frosting. She did mentioned on the flowery theme and all the pastel color to be used. Alhamdulillah... But for me, a lot of things need to be improved. Almaklumla... last minute orderrrr....

To Kak Sam out there... HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! Salam perkenalan!!!!

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