You Name It, We Bake It!

You Name It, We Bake It!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Hi again!!!! Mizzzz me uollls?!!


Hi there!

Long time not listening or read anything from me eh? Here I am... Still alive and happily still baking for you guys who supported me ever lasting bebeh! Yearrrgh!

Alhamdulillah, walaupun harga barangan meningkat, orders are still keep coming in. Ada yang saya sempat buat, ada time yang saya pun tak menang tangan dan terpaksa meminta kerjasama dari bakers lain (thank to Kak Bie!).

Kepada semua penggemar kek (like me & the kids!) do not forget to place your orders for your upcoming event okay! Looking forward to bake your cakes & cuppies for your special one! Meanwhile... Enjoy!!!

(Devil's Food Chocolate Cake Mania... Our Best Selling! - Love this too!)

(Those muffins for wedding favor... U can get this as low as RM0.60/pcs. Email/SMS us for more detail)

(Happy 3rd Birthday to Qayyiem Isnabeel Mohd Saidi - Ummi Love U Soooo Much!)

(Thanks to Mastura for your order yer... Jgn serik ok! TQVM deary)

(Choc Cheese Tart yg belum sempat di deco - nnt kite upload the finish prod ok uols!)