You Name It, We Bake It!

You Name It, We Bake It!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Order daghi Mek Kelate kesayange ambo ni weeeehhh....

Salam & very good morning,

A few days a go, I received SMS from one of my beloved Mek Kelate... The bride to be... Nik Rehah Nik Ishak. She wanted to order a treat for her sisters in Kelantan. 16 pcs vanichoc with DIVA + PRINCESS + LADYBUG theme... Hmmm... That's tough to decide & deco actually. The tougher side was to mix & match the theme requested. The deco pop-out right after I watched MU vs ROMA at 3p.m with my hubby. Hehehe... do not asked HOW COME? Since I don't have the answer... Hehehe...

Since my birthday just a few days away (kes belated la ni...) I baked extra mini cuppies just to treat my office mates & A box of 36pcs chocolate M&M mini cuppies out for grab on my fast sale campaign... Any takers??????????

TAKEN by Kak Lyle... (my extension rang right after I hit my ENTER button on my keyboard... Caiyok Kak Lyle... Lajuuu tuuu...)

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