You Name It, We Bake It!

You Name It, We Bake It!

Friday, January 9, 2009

It's Friday again.... and...

Salam & Hi there...

It's Friday again and felt time passes me by so quickly. Next week is gonna be a new week for me. Actually I've been transferred to ground floor. Therefore, I need to clean up my 1st ever place for the past almost 3 years I'm with the company. Nak buat macamana kan. Tak pa la... Change for good & better career ahead... Sempena tahun baru ni ek! For the last time kami sumer (team 16th Floor) pakai PINK (normally we gonna wear pink every Thursday of the week). Sedey gak la... Uhuk2...

Okay! Let's go back to my baking project. Delivered my colleague order (thanks Nani) for her kids. Dia nak yang menarik for kids... So I come up with beetles and sweet ideas. Ada gak jengah2 site Wondermilk... Cantik2 juga design dia. Thanks anyway... I love the beetle design tu... Macam bee pun ada gak.

As usual, I always bake extra for fast sale at my office. And as usual jugak la Alhamdulillah, sold out! Siap mintak buat lebih lain kali. Thanks guys... Thanks for your endless support... Ni yang bertambah semangat I nak membaking ni... Hehehe... So cuti panjang... Esok ada meeting with my old & best friends. Ada business sikit. Huhuhuhu... Nak siapkan beberapa dulang hantaran jugak... I post sekali contoh2 dulang hantaran yang I pernah design and buat for friends and families.

Happy weekend!

Wedding & Engagement Hantaran For Families & Friends... Open for any tempahan now!!!!

(All cuppies inside the hantaran pix ordered from Mama Lea Oven & Bake Freshly... Thanks you guys!!!)

p/s: Happy sangat sebab dapat credit from my SIFOO!!!!! Thanks Kak Daalia...

Yun Isqandar

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