You Name It, We Bake It!

You Name It, We Bake It!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wedding Favor Pink & Purple


This wedding favor was ordered by my sister for her friend. Chocolate moist mini cuppies with pink & purple theme and premium set with similar theme. What a challenged during baking those cuppies. Hmm... my youngest baby not wanted to sleep till I myself make her sleep (masa ni tengah sibuk buat sugar paste flower), Qayyiem was so busy offering his 'kind' hands which gave me a lots of backache and to make things worst... Air tak adaaaaaaaa....... Huaaaaa....

I chosed to create my own version of 'taman' which i think not very successful ni... But it's okay... Practise make perfect some said! Thanks for the order.

'Workstation yang terpaksa ditinggalkan buat sementara waktu - 4a.m'

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